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--Copyright and K-12: Who Pays in the Network Era?

--UCC 2B: A Discussion of Intellectual Property Law Changes Opposed by Many Librarians, Writers and Consumers

--Los Angeles School District Accused of Software Piracy--N.Y. Times

--Copyright Mogul Allegedly Asked Clinton: "Can You Get Justice Off My Back?" --AllPolitics

--Will Copyright Push Send Activists to Jail?

--Christian Science Monitor Op-Ed on Links Controversy

--Link Kill at the Washington Post 

--Copyright and Global Libraries: Going with the Information Flow--First Monday

--Charging for Online Content--D-Lib Magazine

--Fighting Costly Journals, Va. Tech Tells Students to Post Theses and Dissertations on Web--N.Y. Times

--Liblicense: Licensing Digital Information. Tips, background and commentary. A service of the Yale University Library.

--Commentary from Andy Oram, moderator of the Cyber-Rights List

--Publishers Start Campaign for Protection on Internet--N.Y. Times

--Electronic 'Branding' Praised at Frankfurt Book Fair--N.Y. Times

--How Bullies Can Use Copyright Law against the First Amendment --NetWatch

--White House Statement on electronic commerce, including copyright issues

--100+ Law Professors vs. Clinton Copyright Policy

--Copyright Bill Would Infringe on the Internet's Real Promise, by Gary Chapman

--Digital Future Coalition. Brings together Silicon Valley and library interests.

--Union for the Public Domain, another group fighting intellectual property grabs

--Creative Incentive Coalition. A site for the copyright industries.

--The Copyright WebSite. Clear and even funny explanations for lay people.

--Copyright Information from Institute of Learning Technologies

--University of Texas Copyright Info

--U.S. Copyright Office. Spending legislation in the 105th Congress.

--Copyright Clearance Center. The Center works with publishers, authors, and users to simplify the permissions process.

--The Copyright FAQ, by Terry Carroll, Esq.

--Intellectual property issues--a resources guide on the Yahoo index.

--Intellectual property site of Jeff Kuester, a Net-hip intellectual property attorney who also has an engineering background. This prize-winning site is well-stocked with a wealth of authoritative links. I ran into Kuester while fighting a Net-hostile law that Georgia had passed. Kuester ( is working to bring Georgia pols up to speed on the Net and would like to expand his efforts at the national level. Send him a note if you're interested in helping out. A good cause! Note, too, the existence of a Congressional Internet Caucus. Educations of policymaker is the best protection against Net-stupid legislation--like the recent law out Georgia that could jeopardize linking on the Web if other jurisdictions repeated the same mistake. 1